Cara cepat menulis esai IELTS Band 7+

Pola di bawah ini dapat membantu Anda dalam menyusun esai IELTS dengan band skor 7+. Bantuan ekstra yang Anda butuhkan adalah KECEPATAN. Biasakanlah menulis dan menyelesaikan esai IELTS Anda dengan komposisi waktu (kurang dari) 40 menit.


Paragraph 1 – Introduction
– Background statement
– Detailed background statement
– Thesis
– Outline sentence

Paragraph 2 – First supporting paragraph
– Topic sentence
– Example
– Discussion
– Conclusion

Paragraph 3 – Second supporting paragraph
– Topic sentence
– Example
– Discussion
– Conclusion

Paragraph 4 – Conclusion
– Summary
– Restatement of thesis/ Prediction or recommendation


Contoh esai IELTS band 7+ yang menggunakan pola di atas. 


There are many different types of music in the world today. Why do we need music? Is the traditional music of a country more important than the International music that is heard everywhere nowadays?


Based on findings from the paleolithic age to the course of the 20th century, music has been characterized by rhythms, styles and sounds. Again, the rise of music population, meaning those who are grouped into AllMusic, with an online music guide service website, established in 1991 has been a great melting pot. Presently, there are roughly twenty three types of music out there. While the most popular ones – light jazz, classical, rock and contemporary styles – have been campaigned for international music, some people preserve traditional music for strong traditions. Indeed, by adding improvisation to a well-rehearsed idea to create a unique performance, they make traditional music as worthy cultural performance. In this essay, I will review some reasons why people need music and examine the jurisdictional preference for indigenous and modern world music.

What makes music livable and valuable? Fast forward now to the earliest in recorded history some people have spent enormous mental effort trying to answer that question. Admittedly, it all comes down to condition and supply-and-demand. Francis Sparshoot, as philosopher of the arts, publishes that music offers an alternative for physical and emotional well-being of human endeavor, when describing something that the words can’t. As the theory goes, what the ancient Egyptians credited on of their gods, Thoth, with the invention of music could be taken as a proof of how its extraterrestrial origin is possible. Also, there seems likely to see when taking about market for recorded music, which the demand curve represents music lovers, the ones buying music. And the supply curve represents the companies and artists putting music out there. Like other goods, some people categorize music according to their income. Whether the price of music dramatically increases or not, the music lovers just take it for grant that they would have the one. It is due largely to the effect of music which is very influential on consumers’ behavior.

Not surprisingly, music is of great significance and worth to people’s lives in the society. People need traditional and international music, because it gives enjoyment when listening and triggers emotional response in them. Indeed, in case of musicians and producers, music can be a career when they earn their living from. For example, Ahmad Dhani, from Republik Cinta Management, or Agnes Monica, an Indonesian female singer, has merit in being “GO INTERNATIONAL”. While this is surely authentic, many prolific singers start building their career with singing and performing traditional music. Personally, I think traditional music is one of nation’s identities, which show culture and history of one country, such Indonesia. Also, nowadays, some developed countries still preserve this indigenous music well to appreciate their national heritage. However, some others think that this type of music has severely hindered if it is performed. Why? To play it, this music needs some technical skills, and the only one who could perform this music well is elderly people, not the young ones, who lack talent and confidence. Even in Indonesian Idol, it rarely sees participants play the traditional ones. Perhaps, the judicature would not vote for the one who performs this. For this case, international music is still the best choice.

Ultimately, to fulfill their needs, people are free to express their preferences through the willingness-to-pay choice of music which they want to hear. Where possible, I think they should appreciate music as a key hub of maintaining their identity in the massive flow of globalized word.

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